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Tree Top Climber employee working in a tree

Tree & Shrub Care in the Twin Cities

Are your trees or shrubs starting to diminish your curb appeal? That’s nothing a bit of tree and shrub care can’t fix. At Tree Top Climbers, our expert team can whip your trees and shrubs back into shape through a variety of services.

Tree & Shrub Care Services to Fit Your Needs

Taking care of your trees and shrubs has many benefits. First, it enhances the overall look of your property. Next, it supports healthy, continued growth so your trees and shrubs are able to withstand the harsh Minnesota elements. We offer a variety of tree and shrub care services to fit your specific needs.

Man holding chainsaw cutting tree branch

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming involves cutting limbs and branches that are simply overgrown. For example, you may require trimming if your trees are getting dangerously close to nearby power lines. Our experienced team understands how to trim safely and offers climbing capabilities for high-risk or difficult-to-reach trees.

Tree Top Climbers pruning fruit tree, garden work

Tree Pruning

While it sounds similar to trimming, tree pruning is different. When we prune, we carefully remove dead or loose branches and limbs. Pruning can only be done at certain times during the year. Our knowledgeable team understands these nuances and will trim and prune accordingly.

Hedge & Shrub Care

Hedges and shrubs can quickly grow out of control. However, trimming and pruning these plants requires care to protect their shape and flowering abilities. Our team can help.

We Understand the Nuances of Tree & Shrub Care

Tree and shrub care isn’t necessarily DIY-friendly. For example, pruning your trees too early or too late may cause serious damage and make your trees more susceptible to disease. We recommend reaching out to a professional who understands the unique nuances of tree and shrub care for the best results.

Trimming to Fit Your Preferences

If the conditions are right for the trimming or pruning of your tree, we will do so with your preferences in mind. The way you want your trees and shrubs to look is highly personal. We’ll do what it takes to ensure you’re satisfied before we call it quits.

Need Tree or Shrub Care? Reach Out to Our Team Today!

When you need tree trimming or shrub pruning, reach out to the tree experts at Tree Top Climbers. We deliver the highest quality service at a price that won’t break the bank. Reach out to us today for a quote by calling 612-910-5757 or send us a message.