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Oak Tree Pruning and Removal

Transform your landscape with our expert oak tree pruning and removal services. Whether your oak tree needs pruning for optimal health, removal due to disease, storm damage, or landscaping changes, our dedicated team is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference professional care makes.

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Oak Tree Services

Oak Tree Pruning

Maintain the health and beauty of your oak trees with our professional pruning services. We carefully remove dead or overgrown branches, improve air circulation, and enhance the overall structure of your trees. Regular pruning boosts the aesthetic appeal and helps prevent diseases and storm damage. By maintaining your oak trees with our precise and thoughtful pruning, you’re investing in their longevity and vitality, ensuring they continue to thrive and beautify your landscape for years.

Oak Tree Removal

Safe removal is essential when an oak tree poses a risk, has succumbed to disease, or needs to be removed for landscaping. Our experienced team follows stringent safety protocols for efficient hazardous tree removal. For particularly challenging situations, our skilled tree climbers can handle trees in difficult locations or those posing high risks. We minimize disruption and leave your property clean and ready for future use.

Emergency Tree Services

Storms and other unexpected events can significantly damage oak trees and create unsafe situations. Our emergency response team is available 24/7 to address urgent situations. We provide prompt and reliable services to remove fallen or damaged trees, ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones.

Oak Tree Information for Twin Cities Homeowners

Oak Tree Diseases

Oak trees are susceptible to several diseases, including oak wilt, a severe fungal infection that can spread rapidly and kill trees within weeks of infection. Early detection and treatment are vital to managing this disease. It’s essential to consult with experienced arborists who can provide the necessary interventions and guidance to safeguard these valuable natural resources. Oak wilt spreads through root grafts between neighboring trees and by beetles, particularly sap-feeding Nitidulidae beetles, that carry fungal spores to fresh wounds. Preventative measures include avoiding pruning during active transmission periods, typically from late spring to mid-summer (April to July), to help prevent attracting these beetles.

Seasonal Care & Pruning

Careful pruning or trimming is crucial for maintaining oak trees’ health and structural integrity in the Twin Cities, where variable weather conditions can stress trees. Trimming, typically required once every 2 to 3 years, prevents the spread of disease, reduces the risk of falling branches, and promotes strong, healthy growth. Late November to mid-March is ideal for this pruning, while summer and fall are critical for monitoring and treating any signs of disease or pest activity. Proper winter preparation further helps protect these trees from harsh conditions, ensuring their vitality year-round.

Why Hire Tree Top Climbers?

  • Experienced Tree Removal Professionals
  • Extremely Affordable Rates
  • We climb trees which means reduced yard damage!
  • 24/7 Services & High Risk Tree Removal
  • Fast Service & Clean Up Time
  • Family Owned & Operated
worms eye view of large tree

5 stars all day I’m an owner/climber of my own tree service as well. its been awesome watching Jon press in and grow his skills highly recommended!!

Denny Donson

Affordable, fast, friendly

Kelley Kell

Took care of a 30″ spruce that was taken out in a storm. Response was fast and the cleanup was good.

Matthew Kind

Removed Black Walnut while in the neighborhood. Felxible, quick, job well done.

Paula Okorafor

Amazing job! 5 trees and one large tree trimmed allin half a day! Hauled everything away and cleans up great! 5/5, recommend to everyone! Very pleased with his work

Amanda Krinke

2 arge Ashe trees taken down and stumps ground and all wood removed in under 2 days for a great price. The work was completed in an efficient and careful manner. Highly recommend Tree Top Climbers

Lindsey Eddy

Their work is awesome. John, Pat and the rest of the crew was not only ridiculously easy to work with, they have a lot of integrity and experience. Surprisingly enough, their pricing was too aggressive to pass up.

Aaron Peters

Removed 2 large pine trees on a hill in my back yard. Great job, super clean up, competitive pricing

Caron Sonnier

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Ready to enhance the health and beauty of your oak trees? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our oak tree specialists. We are committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring your trees receive the best care possible. Trust our team to handle all your oak tree needs.